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Every year, part of my summer is spent preparing for back to school time.  Part of this is reading about content and strategies, planning units for my classes, and creating new materials.  The other part of this preparation is S H O P P I N G. My career is the perfect one for someone who LOVES office supplies and organization! Every summer I make a wish list of things I want and need for the upcoming year. I am lucky enough that I do get a reimbursement for up to $250 of the supplies I buy, which usually covers most of what I need. However, I also spend some of my own money on extra things I want and also treat myself to one very nice item to get myself excited about going back to school. 

Here is my wish list for this year! I cannot wait to do my back to school shopping soon!

Knomo London Beaufort Backpack. Every year, I treat myself to one personal item that helps my school day more comfortable. For teachers who are looking for some motivation, I really recommend doing this! Not only does it get me excited to go back to school, but it also helps me stay comfortable, even during the most stressful times of the year. This year, this backpack is my splurge for back to school. For the last few years, I have been using a HUGE drawstring style laptop backpack, which I initially loved because of how much it could hold, but quickly fell out of love with because of its lack of pockets and ways to organize. However, this new Knomo London backpack has ALL of the pockets. Two front pockets, a hidden pocket, inside pockets for storage, and even a separate section for my laptop! I did a lot of searching around the internet and think this is the best fit for the style and functionality I am looking for. Cannot wait to use it everyday for school! 

Papermate Black Flair Pens. These are on my list every year. I am not the teacher who loves using colorful Flair pens for grading, but I do use them for all of my other tasks throughout the day. I love using the black pens for writing in my planner and for list making. I feel like they look so professional and they make me feel good when I am working. I buy this big pack off of Amazon every year–it is a great price compared to other stores! Whether you are looking for all black or colorful sets, Amazon always has the best prices on these pen packs, so I recommend checking them out if you are in the market for these pens!

AmazonBasics Adjustable Activity Office Tilt Stool for Student Conferences. I am a very active teacher who likes to move around the classroom and not stay behind the teacher barriers of the front of the classroom and behind the teacher desk. I often conference with students during our research, essays, and projects. I like to have a little stool that allows me to sit and talk with students and can easily be moved from group to group. In the past I found a single version of these stools at Home Goods, but this year I am planning to go with this AmazonBasics Adjustable Office Tilt Stool. This seems like a good option for me because I can use it with student groups, but also could use it at my desk if I choose. I am always trying to work on my posture, so I am excited about having this option! 

Boise Colorworx Copy Paper. Colored paper is something I buy every year to use for my syllabus, parent surveys, and some special handouts throughout the year. I always try to find the best deal on this necessity because the cost adds up quickly, and this year, I found the best price yet! This Boise Colorworx Copy/Laser paper has awesome colors and is only $9.10/ream! Unfortunately it is not Prime eligible, but it does have free shipping! Order early to get it before school!

Gold Acco Mega Clip Paper Clips. If you have to grade, you might as well make it look nice! Every year I buy myself a special set of clips for my papers that need to be graded. If you know anything about me as a teacher, you know I DETEST grading. I find it to be the most challenging part of my job to get motivated to do. Somehow, in my mind, I always think that using a special set of clips will motivate me to get the job done. SOMEtimes it does… This year, I have my eye on these giant gold paper clips, and right now they are giving me all the feels. Let’s hope I stay just as excited when they are actually holding papers I have to grade.

To all my teacher friends out there–good luck getting yourself set up for the next school year! Remember: part of the preparation is getting things ready for your students, but it is just as important to make sure you are set up for a comfortable and stress free year! Happy back to school shopping! 🙂

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