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Friday SLAM #1

With my revamp, I am trying to get into the habit of posting on a regular basis, and one of my hopes for those posts is to include a weekly reflection every Friday of what I did this week for (S)elf Care, a new (L)earning or (L)ove, an (A)ction I took, and my favorite (M)om Moment of the week. Hence Friday SLAM. Here’s a look back at this past week.

Self Care

This past week I took some major steps in self-care. My mother in law was in town for a few days (I love when she comes to visit!), so I took advantage of the opportunity to get out of the house on my own a couple of times.  I am starting to mentally prepare for going back to work and taking Olivia to daycare, so it was good to have a couple of practice days under my belt. While I did use some of the time to prepare for my return to school, I also worked on writing some blog posts, which felt really good! I am trying to ease into this transition gently because I know it is going to be difficult.

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I started to take a blog to business online course to figure out how to grow my audience and expand my reach. While I am not exactly sure what will come of this writing, it feels good to learn something NEW.  I have always been the person who loves school and learning, hence becoming a teacher, but I often miss being the student myself.  Blogging challenges my brain to think in a different way than I usually do. I am no pro at anything technology related. It took me like twelve times to figure out how to add the correct pages to the menus on this blog. And I’m using WordPress. Which basically does it for you. BUT I am committed to learning, and damn that feels good.



Earlier than ever, I finished my shopping for school supplies and decorations for the upcoming year. This is something that always kind of hangs out on my to do list until August and then feels like a chore, but this year I decided to just get it done. I bought pens and pencils. I bought a new organization system for my desk. I printed and laminated posters. I even organized my receipts to get my money reimbursed ASAP. Check that off the list!

I also made a big move in my home. This chalkboard calendar hangs on a wall in our kitchen.  Guess what month it has been stuck on for the past six months. If you know how to count, you guessed it correctly. January. Any guesses why? I couldn’t bring myself to change it from where it said “Due Date” and where Brandon so thoughtfully drew the arrows every extra day we waited for our sweet Livvie. In fact, as I write these words, tears are filling my eyes. What a joyous time of anticipation that was.

Notice how blurred the calendar entries are? Guess that’s what happens after SIX MONTHS.

However, I have accepted that these moments are fleeting and while it is amazing to remember and to cherish, I also need to keep up with where we are at. My baby girl is six months old and we’re having too much fun to wish I could go back in time to when she was a tiny little six pound nugget. What does my calendar say now? AUGUST.

Mom Moment

This video is from last week, but I mean, it’s too good not to share. That laugh MELTS. MY. HEART.

Hope you have the best Friday and that you find some time to take care of yourself!




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