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Work Space–REVAMPED!

Organization and decoration—two of my favorite things! This summer, I really wanted to give my office a makeover, hoping that would inspire me to utilize the space much more. Something I am consistently trying to improve is my work/life balance and this space is something I hope will help me do that.

Some of you might be asking: What does space have to do with work/life balance? Isn’t that about time? Leaving work and work? Well, as my fellow educators know (and MANY of my friends and family in other career fields—shout out to my lawyer sister!) leaving work at work is not always possible. However, it is possible to define the necessary area you need for work–one that is inspiring and reflects the energy of the work that you hope to do. Our homes and places where we work are so important. I am a true believer that the state of your physical space can reflect or have a direct impact on the state of your mental space. If your work zone is clean and filled with things you love, you will see this reflected in the quality of your work. Thus, this summer, I needed a revamp to get my motivation juices flowing!

BEFORE: My office was dark and had a lot of brown. 



I first wanted to add some more color to this room, so that if there are evenings and weekends where I need to spend my time working throughout the school year, I can do it in a space that is bright and inspiring. (GOAL: Keep this time to a minimum and NOT every night.) I changed the color of my desk and bookshelf to a deep blue with a light blue accent. I also changed the color of my curtain to be white. Lastly, I added a bright pink rug to the floor to match my pink tapestry from Peru.

AFTER: Color & inspiration!












I also have a few favorite pieces that I wanted to highlight because they are things that keep me motivated and happy.

  • I love my new drawer pulls! They are elephants I bought from Amazon, and you can find them here. Elephants are symbols of strength, stability, and good luck. These little guys will help me remember to be strong and will hopefully add a little luck to my work!
  • I also love the detail of the backing on my bookcase, which I bought from Target, and you can find here. Shout out to my fabulous husband who has MUCH more patience than I do and who helped to apply the backing to the bookcase! One thing you should also know is that Target sells matching paint to go with its peel & stick wallpaper.  I found the color for my chair at Target to match the backing on my bookcase.
  • While this was already in my office before the update, I wanted to keep my certificate for summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro. I did this with my dad when I was 21, and is something I like to turn to when I am having tough days to lift me back up! You cannot buy one of these without climbing yourself, so I highly recommend you go book your plane ticket ASAP!


My office is filled with small touches of travels I have taken, people that I love, and things that inspire me. Sometimes we all need reminders of why we work so hard, why we make sacrifices to put in a late night or give up some of our own free time to get the job done. Fill your spaces with things that touch your soul and will keep you moving forward.

Do you have a work or office space that you find inspiring? What did you do to make that space be so great?

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